Wooden Spike model.

The Wooden Spike is a Green Class weapon that appears in Manhunt. It can be found only in the level Deliverance, you can only use it against Piggsy. Its alternate name is the Wooden Stake.
Wooden spike 3

Wooden Spike

Execution Edit

Cash stabs the Wooden Spike into Piggsy's right shoulder, but Piggsy hits Cash with his arm and runs away. Cash falls down on the ground and after 3 seconds stands back up again.


  • In the beta version, the Wooden Spike was named Black Wood.
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    Cash holding the Black Wood.

  • This is the rarest weapon in the game, appearing only once.
  • You can also get Wooden Spike with a trainer and attack hunters but the damage caused by the Wooden Spike is very small and it requires 10-13 strong hits to kill a hunter. Also you cannot perform executions with the Wooden Spike on hunters as Cash will just simply attack. The Wooden Spike was scripted to only be used once against Piggsy.
  • The Wooden Spike uses the same textures as the Spiked Bat.