White Rabbit
Game Manhunt
Manhunt 2 (easter egg)
Location Darkwoods Penitentiary
Business Valiant Video Enterprises
Weapons Shotgun
Allies Smileys
Enemies James Earl Cash
Status Deceased (Killed by James Earl Cash)
Voiced by Renaud Sebbane

The White Rabbit is a character and minor antagonist in Manhunt. His corpse can also be found in Manhunt 2 as an easter egg.


The White Rabbit is the nickname given to a man who is dressed up in a bunny suit and a recurring star in Starkweather's snuff films. The White Rabbit's job seems to be luring people into traps for them to be ambushed and killed.

going by dialogue, the White Rabbit may not be insane, but paid to act like one. lines such as "This wasn't the deal!" could mean that Starkweather intended White Rabbit to be kept alive and he signed a contract, only for Cash to kill him.


The White Rabbit tends to act very cocky and taunts Cash a lot. However, he gets very scared when Cash goes after him and will sometimes even beg for mercy and even cry "Mommy!" If Cash surprises him and aim a gun at him, he will put his hands up in surrender. He does try to defend himself when he is carrying a gun.

Manhunt White Rabbit Quotes

Manhunt White Rabbit Quotes


The White Rabbit was hired by Starkweather at some point to be his leading man, and starred in two films: "White Rabbits Down The Hole" and "Here, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny".

Events of ManhuntEdit

As James Earl Cash nears the end of his time as a snuff film star, the White Rabbit shows up and Cash is instructed to follow him.

The rabbit leads Cash into several traps where Cash gets ambushed by the Smileys, but Cash always manages to survive. Cash then continue to follow the rabbit into a workshop room where Starkweather has planned to let Cash die.

Before heading outside the prison, the rabbit laughs at Cash, saying "You didn't make it after all", and a pack of heavily armed Smileys ambush Cash after laughing at Cash.

Cash eventually kills all the ambushers, then Cash heads outside the prison. The rabbit is shocked to see Cash still alive, thus the rabbit runs away again and Cash pursues him.

Outside, three Cerberus guards are seen patrolling the guard tower where the rabbit hides himself. Cash then takes them out and makes his way up to the guard tower. Up here, the rabbit has armed himself with a Shotgun and is accompanied by a Cerberus guard carrying a Sniper Rifle. Cash finally kills the White Rabbit and takes the key he was holding to exit the prison.

If the White Rabbit falls in the ground due low health, sometimes he may tell Cash to "just take the damn key", seemingly surrendering. However, the player can't actually get the key and spare him. This probably was either scripted, or to show how much Cash wanted to kill White Rabbit for leading him into several traps and get his revenge on Starkweather for the death of his family members.

Events of Manhunt 2Edit

During Broadcast Interrupted, inside the TV-MK studio, an actor dressed up in the same suit as the White Rabbit can be spotted hanging from a microphone cable in front of the Frankie and the Freaks decor.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey wait! What the?"
  • "Just take the damn key! Mommy!"
  • "Get'em off of me! GET HIM OFF OF ME!"
  • "Rabbit white wabbit wabbit wabbit wabbit ta uh ta ta rabbit."
  • "NO! NO! (crying) Oh!"
  • "This wasn't the deal! THIS WASN'T THE DEAL!"
  • "God! Help me ow! Mommy! Oooowww!"
  • "AAHHHEGGUHH! Oh god aughh!"
  • "You did well, very well but every film has an ending and this is yours!"
  • "You made it! Oh dear you see you didn't make it after all! (Laughing)"
  • "Close your eyes bad boy! Time for bye byes!"
  • "Hey you ain't dead! HE AIN'T DEAD! OH SHIT I'VE GOT THE KEYS OUTTA HERE!"
  • "You're supposed to be dead, oh fuck! He's after my freaking key!"



  • The rabbit is a homage to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as Starkweather calls Cash his "big ugly Alice".
  • Completing Kill The Rabbit and Divided They Fall, with a 5 star rating in each, will unlock a cheat allowing you to play as the White Rabbit.
  • The Level Kill The Rabbit could possibly be a reference to Elmer Fudd's Motto.
  • The White Rabbit is the only character in the Manhunt series to appear in both games. However, his appearance in Manhunt 2 is simply just an easter egg.
  • The rabbit could possibly be inspired by the Bunnyman Bridge Legend from 1971, featuring a man dressed in a bunny suit who attacks victims with an axe and also has blood on his suit.