Weapons are the forefront of the Manhunt series. In both games, the player is constantly under attack by hunters and must fight back to survive and complete the mission's objectives.

During early missions, it's possible to kill hunters with your fists, but later on it's next to impossible as there will be many hunters and most of them will be armed.

Weapons in Manhunt mostly consist of melee weapons although firearms also exist. The player can simply beat an enemy to death with a weapon or shoot them but the series focuses mainly on stealth, so performing executions to kill a hunter when their back is turned is highly encouraged.

Weapon Classes[edit | edit source]

In both games, the character can carry a maximum of four weapons but only one of each class. The classes are represented by colors:

  • Yellow Class Weapons: These aren't exactly weapons, but simply items that can be thrown to distract a hunter. They can be thrown at the hunters, but it takes a lot of hits to kill them. In Manhunt, Cash carries these weapons in his back pocket, whilst in Manhunt 2, Danny and Leo carry these in their satchel.
  • Green Class Weapons: These weapons are small items used to execute hunters silently, making them very useful in multiple enemy situations but unfortunately each weapon can only be used once. Alternatively, they can be used in a fight for a little extra power. James Cash, Danny Lamb and Leo Kasper carry these weapons in their belts on the left side.
  • Blue Class Weapons: These weapons can be used multiple times to execute enemies and are better for combat, however they make some noise and will alert any nearby hunters. James Cash, Danny Lamb and Leo Kasper carry these weapons in their belts on the right side.
  • Red Class Weapons: These are the same as the Blue weapons but they are a lot bigger and noisier. They tend to alert multiple hunter when used. They're also the best weapons available for combat. While running with this type of weapon equipped, more stamina will be lost than usual. James Cash, Danny Lamb and Leo Kasper carry these weapons on their backs.

Executions[edit | edit source]

James Earl Cash performing an execution with a baseball bat

Executions consist of using a weapon to kill a hunter by sneaking up behind him and performing a series of violent acts. There are three levels of execution, clasified by the brutality of it.

All weapons can be used to execute except for Yellow Weapons and firearms in Manhunt. In Manhunt 2, firearms can be used to execute, but there is only one level of execution (Gruesome).

List of Weapons[edit | edit source]

The following list all weapons in the Manhunt series:

Yellow Class Weapons[edit | edit source]

Image Name Appearance(s)
Weapons 2 yellow brick.gif Brick
Bottle.gif Glass Bottle
Weapons 2 yellow can.gif Can
Head manhunt 2.gif Severed Head
Golfball.gif Golf Ball

Green Class Weapons[edit | edit source]

Image Name Appearance(s)
Weapons 2 green glassshard.gif Glass Shard
Weapons green bag.gif Plastic Bag
Weapons 2 green barbedwire.gif Barbed Wire
Spike.jpg Wooden Spike
Syringe.gif Syringe
Weapons 2 green pen.gif Pen

Weapons 2 green whiskeybottle.gif

Whisky Bottle



Blue Class Weapons[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Appearance(s)
Weapons blue crowbar.gif Crowbar Melee (blunt)
Weapons blue nightstick.gif Nightstick Melee (blunt)
Weapons blue sickle.gif Sickle Melee (sharp)
Weapons blue revolver.gif Revolver Firearm
Weapons blue light handgun.gif Light Handgun Firearm
Weapons blue heavy handgun.gif Heavy Handgun Firearm
Weapons blue submachinegune.gif Sub-Machine Gun Firearm
Knife.gif Knife Melee (sharp)
Weapons blue blackjack.gif Blackjack Melee (blunt)
Weapons blue hammer.gif Hammer Melee (blunt)
Weapons blue machete.gif Machete Melee (sharp)
Weapons blue meatcleaver.gif Meat Cleaver Melee (sharp)
Weapons blue nailgun.gif Nail Gun Firearm
Weapons blue axe.gif Axe (Manhunt) Melee (sharp)
Weapons 2 blue pliers.gif Pliers Melee (blunt)
Weapons 2 blue powersaw.gif Circular Saw Melee (Sharp)
Weapons 2 blue flaregun.gif Flare Gun Firearm
Weapons 2 blue tranquilizer.gif Tranquilizer (Manhunt 2) Firearm
Weapons 2 blue hacksaw.gif Hacksaw Melee (sharp)
Weapons 2 blue razor.gif Razor Melee (sharp)
Weapons 2 blue flashlight.gif Flashlight Melee (blunt)
Dildo.png Dildo Melee (blunt)

Red Class Weapons[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Appearance(s)
Weapons blue woodenbat.gif Baseball Bat Melee (blunt)
Weapons red metalbat.gif Metal Bat Melee (blunt)
Weapons 2 red baseballbat.gif Chain Wrapped Baseball Bat Melee (blunt)
Weapons red sawdshotgun.gif Sawn-Off Shotgun Firearm
Weapons red shotgun.gif Shotgun Firearm
Weapons red sniperrifle.gif Sniper Rifle Firearm
Weapons red assaultrifle.gif Assault Rifle Firearm
Weapons red chainsaw.gif Chainsaw Melee (sharp)
Weapons red tranquilizerrifle.gif Tranquilizer (Manhunt) Firearm
Weapons 2 red stunrod.gif Stun Prod Melee (electric)
Weapons 2 red fireaxe.gif Axe (Manhunt 2) Melee (sharp)
Weapons 2 red shovel.gif Shovel Melee (blunt)
Weapons 2 red sheers.gif Hedge Trimmers Melee (blunt)
Weapons 2 red sledgehammer.gif Sledgehammer Melee (blunt)
Weapons 2 red crossbow.gif Crossbow Firearm
Weapons 2 red mace.gif Mace Melee (blunt)
Weapons 2 red katana.gif Katana Melee (sharp)
Manhunt 2011-05-24 18-26-01-93.jpg Spiked Bat Melee (sharp)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The rarest weapon in the series is the Wooden Spike, as it only makes one appearance and as a green weapon, can only be used once.
  • The Glass Shard and the Severed Head are the only 'self made' weapons. Shards can be obtained by breaking windows and Heads can be decapitated from hunters with other weapons.
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