In Manhunt and Manhunt 2, there is a weapon class or a weapon classification system. The system identifies a weapon whether it is strong, noisy and powerful. In both games, there are four types of weapon classes: Yellow Class, Green Class, Blue Class and Red Class. The classification system is being divided by colors; the yellow being the lures, the green being the silent one-use-only, blue generates a little bit of noise and red is the most powerful but also very noisy. Lure items are not weapons but are classified as one, it can deal damage to a hunter when thrown in the head but with a chance for the hunter to get you.

Green Class weapons are silent but can only be used once. In Manhunt 2, they could also be used for fighting enemies face-to-face since it adds additional damage but with the risk that it will break after a few strikes. Blue Class weapons do not break after being used in executions or fighting and they deal more damage than the green class weapons, but they generate more noise. Red weapons are excellent for fighting and executing, they also don't break like the green class weapons, but they generate louder noise. Firearms belong to the Red and Blue Classes, they can be used any time (as long as you got ammo for it) and are powerful (especially if aiming the head) but they are very loud, making the hunters easily catch the player.


The class names are unnamed in the games but they appear as colors. In Manhunt, it appears as an icon, just the background of a weapon that is being picked by the player, however, in Manhunt 2, the class colors are being used as colors of the weapons in the game.

Weapon Classes[]