The Wardogs Apartment is an old, abandoned apartment block located in the Darkwoods district, Carcer City. During the events of Manhunt this apartment block is the main base of operations for Ramirez and the Wardogs.


In 2003, James Earl Cash, having just escaped from the Darkwoods Penitentiary, enters this area. Lionel Starkweather, who betrayed Cash and whose plan to let him die inside the penitentiary has failed, orders Ramirez to dispose of him. Cash enters the area through a wooden gate, where Ramirez has set up a trap for him. Ramirez immediately grabs Cash and pushes him against a wall. Cash tries to fight back but gets punched several times and thrown onto the ground. Ramirez strips Cash of all his weapons while a few Wardogs arrive and taunt him. Ramirez locks the gate and Cash is given a chance to run away before they come looking for him. Ramirez heads to the top floor of the apartment and sends three Wardogs out to find Cash. Cash kills them all to which Ramirez sends even more outside, this time armed with weapons. Cash kills them and gets hold of their weapons, making his way to the top floor to kill Ramirez. As Cash reaches the top floor where Ramirez was hiding, he suddenly bursts out of a door at a floor below Cash. Cash chases Ramirez back down while killing more Wardogs. Eventually Cash reaches the ground floor and heads outside, where he is finally able to kill Ramirez. Cash quickly heads back to the wooden gate, where the Journalist helps him escape.

Scene Appearances: Kill the Rabbit (ending cutscene), Divided They Fall.



  • In one room inside the apartment, two hung decapitated corpses which resemble Piggsy can be found. Piggsy is a boss character the player faces in the scene Deliverance.
  • Graffiti, resembling the style of the Innocentz, can be found outside the apartment block sprayed onto the walls. This would suggest that they once inhabited this area.
  • Two computers can be found inside Ramirez's room. These were possibly used to track and monitor Cash.