The Virgo in Gta: Vice City.

The Virgo is a two-door car featured in Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto series.
Virgo manhunt

The Virgo picture in Manhunt.

The Virgo made a cameo appearance as a picture from Starkweather's mansion in Manhunt. Several safehouses in GTA San Andreas also have the same picture hanging on the wall (the picture was originally a beta screenshot for GTA Vice City).

Design Edit

The Virgo is a 1977–1979 Mercury Cougar subtly combined with a 1977-1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V. The side windows resemble the Cougar, the front end looks closer to the Cougar, the taillights resemble those of the Continental Mark V but some lights are missing and the bulge on the trunk is from a Cougar.