Not to be confused with the Tranquilizer Gun, a Blue Class weapon in Manhunt 2
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The Tranquilizer Rifle is a rare Red Class Weapon and Firearm appearing in Manhunt.


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The blur effect, when shot by a Tranquilzer Rifle

The scope of the Tranquilizer Rifle can be used to zoom in and hit targets from a far distance. Shooting Hunters in the body will stun them for a short while, and a shot to the head will cause them to pass out on the ground so they will only take one hit, and for a longer time, before waking up again. The weapon itself cannot kill an enemy (unless multiple shots are fired), but will allow the player to hit them while they are down with another weapon or with Fists.

If the player is shot, a small amount of health will be lost and the screen will turn blurred for a short time.


The Tranquilizer Rifle can only be found at Carcer City Zoo and is used by the Wardogs. Starkweather claims it was the Wardogs' own idea to use them to make it easier to kill Cash. Many Wardogs that use them, stand on higher ground to get a good view of the surroundings to sight him.
Tranquilizer Rifle

Tranquilizer Rifle


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  • The Tranquilizer Rifle is one of two scoped weapons in the series, the other being the Sniper Rifle and the third being the Crossbow, appearing in Manhunt 2.
  • The Tranquilizer rifle is the rarest firearm in the game, only appearing twice.
  • It is possible to kill a hunter with the tranquilizer rifle by shooting him 7-8 times.