Weapons 2 red stunrod

The Stun Prod as it appears in Manhunt 2

The Stun Prod is a Red Class weapon that appears in Manhunt 2.

It appears in the missions Sexual Deviants, Ritual Cleansing and Origins.

It is used by The Pervs and The Watchdogs.

Executions Edit

  • Hasty: Danny/Leo electrocutes the hunter on his left shoulder, and the hunter is brought to his knees. Danny/Leo then steps in front of the hunter, hits him in the face with the stun prod, killing him.
  • Violent: Danny/Leo electrocutes the hunter in his back, causing him to turn around and raise his arm in defense, but Danny/Leo electrocutes his arm, causing the hunter to fall face first on the floor. Danny/Leo then electrocutes him in his back again. The hunter finally twitches and dies.
  • Gruesome: Danny/Leo sticks the Prod on the hunter's back then electrocutes him, causing him to turn around to face Danny/Leo, only to be electrocited in the chest and fall to his knees. Danny/Leo sticks the stun prod in the hunters mouth and electrocutes him for about 5 seconds before the stun prod causes an explosion, killing him.
  • Jumping: Danny/Leo hits the hunter on the back as he lands, instantly killing him.

Gallery Edit

  • "Hasty" Execution
  • "Violent" Execution
  • "Gruesome" Execution
  • "Jumping" Execution