Starkweather’s Estate is the home of Lionel Starkweather, his private army, the Cerberus, and Piggsy. The estate is located in the Wapona Hills residental district in Manhunt. It appears in the missions Border Patrol, Key Personnel, and Deliverance.

It's a huge mansion with four floors and two basements. A vast garden with both a hege maze and garage is surrounding the location. The attic, where Piggsy was chained, is abandoned and deteriorating. There's a CCTV system installed inside the mansion.

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There's a Cerberus Van parked inside the garage.

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Starkweather’s Estate blueprint in Gta: San Andreas.

  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, during the Casino Heist mission "Architectural Espionage" , Carl Johnson is required to enter the City Planning Department within Las Venturas. As CJ makes his way through, he will come across various blueprints pinned within a few of the rooms, one of the blueprints is of Starkweather's mansion, as featured in the last few scenes of Manhunt. The blueprint is titled Starkweather’s Estate.
  • A part of Starkweather’s Estate's interior is a reused one from the Vercetti Estate in Vice City, with some changes in both the models and textures, as models being broader than Vercetti Estate and textures are darker. The Vercetti Estate is itself modeled after Tony Montana's Mansion from 1983 movie Scarface
  • A picture with a Virgo and Vice City can be found inside the mansion.
  • There is a hidden save point in the middle of the garden maze.