Skinz 2
Game Manhunt
Location Denton's Junkyard
Weapons Baseball Bat
Allies Skinz
Lionel Starkweather
Enemies James Earl Cash
Status Deceased
Voiced by Andrew Totolos

Skinz 2 is an unnamed member of The Skinz.

He is a particularly short-tempered and fanatical member of the Skinz, almost constantly yelling and usually on the edge of a violent rage. His behavior and manner of speaking is very similar to that of an angry military drill sergeant, believing he must "whip these guys into shape". When losing Cash, he quickly becomes enraged, screaming and yelling somewhat incoherently. One idle line reveals that, unlike some of the other member of the Skinz who either think fondly of their fathers and wanting to make them proud, or hated their fathers due to their abuse, Skinz 2 thinks very dismissively of his father, believing him to be "soft". Another idle line also notes that he wears contact lenses, and is one of his only lines that isn't fixated on his racism and fanatical behavior.


  • "I ain't begging to no muddy blood."
  • "Mongrel like you ain't got the right to take a white life."
  • "I ain't beaten. Do you hear me?! I ain't beaten!"
  • "Kill me and you've accomplished nothing."
  • "This don't settle a thing. Not a thing!"
  • "Okay you beat me. But you're still nothing. NOTHING!"
  • "Hey guys, I reckon he's around here someplace."
  • "I'm on you like a bloodhound, boy!"
  • "Chicken Shit"
  • "Where Are You Dumb Chicken Shit Bastard"
  • "You dumping in the trash,sticking in your old shit"