Manhunt - Halloween Scarecrow

Scarecrow Halloween Variant

Manhunt - Scarecrow

Scarecrow Artwork and Bio

The Scarecrow is a removed character from Manhunt. He was the former leader of The Smileys, before falling out of favour with Lionel Starkweather, for being responsible for the Piggsy debacle and has since become a tramp. However, his tramp persona changes whenever he puts on his mask and he becomes suddenly violent, wielding a home-made axe. During Halloween, Scarecrow puts a pumpkin on his head.

In-game bio

The following was taken from the bio included with the Scarecrow artwork.

Bio - Formally the head hunter amongst the Smileys, Kenneth Jesperson was stripped of his mask and rank for being responsible for the Piggsy debacle. Now chastised and long past simple derangement he sleeps rough in the streets of the arenas, desperately hoping to find and kill Piggsy and redeem himself in the eyes of the commander and his sponsor..... Dressed in rags he resembles any other derelict until he dons the mask and weapon of his scarecrow persona.

Weaponry - Jesperson has a crude yet deadly home made axe wielding it with savage intensity.

Audio - If encountered as a tramp, Jesperson just makes indistinct mumblings and typical drunken rants, however when transformed into the scarecrow his past as a smiley comes to the fore and he descends into maniacal tittering and sibilant hissing.


  • The Tramp has the same features as Scarecrow, indicating that the Tramp is possibly the Scarecrow.