Safe House is the 6th level in Manhunt 2.


As Danny remembers what happened on Blackwell Island, he questions Leo on killing Michael, Leo claims that they were set up by Michael and he sold them out. Since the Cops now know who Daniel is, Leo instructs Danny to change clothes it just so happens that he has left himself a spare set below the bed, among the clothes he finds a Revolver and a picture of a brothel called Bees' Honey Pot.

Judy is standing in the picture which was presumably taken by Danny. Going on this clue Danny decides to head out of the safe house and go to the brothel in search of Judy and the missing answers to his past. But suddenly, The Watchdogs enter the building. Danny kills them and using a hole in the floor he drops down into the cinema screening hall and makes his way outside, taking out the hunters. Leo is waiting for him at the back entrance of the hall, Danny informs him that he is sick of killing and throws the Revolver away, he says he is going to find Judy to talk to her.

Episode Info[]

Playable Character: Daniel Lamb
Location: Daniel's Safe House, Porn Theatre, Red Light District
Hunters: The Watchdogs, Civilians (PC)
Other Characters: n/a
Previous Scene: Best Friends
Next Scene: Bees Honey Pot


Video Walkthrough[]


"Manhunt 2", full walkthrough (Insane difficulty), Episode 6 - Safe House


  • This is the shortest level in the game.
  • This is the level with the least number of melee weapons, probably due to the shorter length of the mission.
  • This is the only level in Manhunt 2 in which the Revolver can be used (or even seen for that matter) by the player.
  • This level was originally going to be longer, as several Pervs, the Dildo, and hooker models can be found in the files.
  • This level uses the exact same soundtrack from Red Light, as Safe House is a direct continuation of Red Light.
  • The Manhole execution was removed.