Red Light is the fourth Episode in Manhunt 2.

According to Judy Sender, Daniel's Safe House in the derelict Porn Theatre will help Danny understand more about his past. He and Leo must now make their way there trough the dangerous streets of the Red Light District. The streets are full of corrupt cops, gangsters and hitmen.

Episode Info[]

Playable Character: Daniel Lamb
Location: Red Light District, Velvet Glove
Hunters: The Red Kings, The Pervs, The Watchdogs, Cops, Civilians
Other Characters: Mrs. Lamb (ghost)
Environmental Executions: Manhole (x2)
Previous Scene: Sexual Deviants
Next Scene: Best Friends

Weapons and Items[]

Environmental Executions[]


Video Walkthrough[]


"Manhunt 2", full walkthrough (Insane difficulty), Episode 4 - Red Light

Version Differences[]

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  • There are some Civilians in this episode that only appear on the PC and PS2 beta.
  • There are some character models that appear only on the Wii/PC
  • The Whisky Bottle is only on the PC.
  • The Civilian that the Red Kings kill has no nose on the PC/PSP/PS2 after they kill him, but he still has his nose on the Wii.
  • The cutscene showing the Kings killing the Civilian is uncensored on the PC and PS2 beta.


  • In front of the Titty City club, if one were to look at them in first person long enough, Daniel will have a hallucination of his wife screaming as she is killed by Leo.
    Mrs. Lamb - Red Light.png
  • The tramps and civilians only appear in the PC and PS2 beta versions.
  • You can't jump on the truck in the Wii version.
  • The zone is similar to the Red Light District from Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories.
  • Some Red Kings only appear in the Wii version, such as a Red King wearing a hat under his hood.