Project Militia
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Apearance(s): Manhunt 2
Name: The Project Militia
Type: Mercenaries
Weapons: Nightstick
Light Handgun
Heavy Handgun
Sub-Machine Gun
Sniper Rifle
Shotgun (Cutscene)
Vehicle(s): Project Militia Enforcer
Allies: Dr. Pickman
Enemies: Daniel Lamb
Leo Kasper
Michael Grant
Voiced by: Jordan Bridges
Kevin Carrigan
Kevin Merill Wilson
Matt McCarthy
Zak Orth
Ed Trucco

Project Militia is an organization of mercenaries hired by The Project to capture Danny and Leo, appearing in Manhunt 2.

Project Militia is an organization that is made up of imprisoned criminals from Death Row whose executions have been faked in exchange for being hired by The Project in their private army. 

Their existence is plausibly deniable, for they have no actual identity and were recorded dead long ago. All their identifying features have been erased or drastically altered, and their fingerprints and tattoos have been removed as well; their teeth have also been re-aligned to mess with dental records and they are prohibited from having any sort of personal relationship. In short, they are untraceable.

They are ghost agents serving the Project as a highly disciplined and well-equipped private military, with essentially nothing to lose. They have reinforcements in the sky and on ground, and are seen hunting in groups. They are mostly motivated by the money, but they are also loyal to The Project, for erasing their misdeeds and owing their continued existence to them as well. With most having been career criminals or death row inmates before being enlisted by The Project, they are highly aggressive and brutal, often flaunting their power over victims.

They appear in the missions Best Friends and Assassination. Their weapons of choice are the Nightstick, the Light Handgun, the Heavy Handgun, the Sub-Machine Gun, the Sniper Rifle and the Revolver.

Beta content[]

  • Early version's of the Project Militia looked very similar to the Cerberus. They wore yellowish- green goggles, black gloves and black armor, with the Project logo on them. Audio files for the Project Militia have them commenting on wearing masks, which is a reference to their original design.
  • Six voice actors are credited for the Project Militia, but only four are found in the retail versions, and an additional voice can be found in the PS2 beta, making five of the six voices used in the public versions.
  • It is possible that they could have been in the Broadcast Interrupted much earlier in development, since in the PS2 leak cinematic, the voices of various members of the Militia are heard and not of the Bloodhounds, making it a earlier leftover, since the in leak, Bloodhounds will appear normally as in the final product.



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