Game Manhunt
Location Starkweather’s Estate
Business Valiant Video Enterprises
Weapons Chainsaw
Enemies Lionel Starkweather
James Earl Cash
Status Deceased (Killed by James Earl Cash)
Voiced by Hunter Platin

"Piggsy angry! Aarrgghhnngry!"
— Piggsy

Piggsy is a major character and the quaternary antagonist in Manhunt.


Piggsy is a deranged and cannibalistic mass murderer, who wears a skinned pig's head over his head while viciously slaughtering victims with a Chainsaw. Appearing to be an obese, naked, middle-aged man, he is almost completely inhuman in behavior and has lost all connection with reality. His mind has degraded into an animalistic or child-like state, as he seems to only be capable of speaking a few basic words and grunting/squealing like a pig. His dialogue also strongly implies he is mentally challenged. He is still smart enough, however, to use a chainsaw (his trademark weapon), run away from certain weapons aimed towards him, and to realize that stepping on a metal grate on the floor could be dangerous given his weight, though he ultimately makes the mistake of stepping on it again. He's a remorseless killer, butchering all those who come across his path with his chainsaw.

Because of this, Piggsy became Lionel Starkweather's star performer in his snuff films and slaughtered dozens, if not hundreds, of runners prior to James Earl Cash. Between films, Starkweather kept Piggsy chained up in the abandoned attic of the estate while feeding him the remains of those who were killed in the films, which were delivered to him by Cerberus guards as a means of disposing of corpses. Despite the fact that they themselves were cold-blooded professional killers, many of the Cerberus operatives treated him with both genuine fear and disgust. Piggsy is the final major adversary Cash faces off against in the game and is a deadly opponent, serving as the penultimate boss of Manhunt before Starkweather himself.


Manhunt Piggsy Quotes


Sometime before the events of Manhunt, Piggsy was enlisted by Starkweather to perform in his snuff film ring. It is likely that Piggsy was James Earl Cash's predecessor in the snuff movies filmed in Carcer City. Piggsy had a long and successful career in Starkweather's company, starring in such movies as Piggsy's Greatest Hits and Piggsy's Bloopers.[1] However, he eventually became a liability due to his unpredictable and overly-savage behavior, eventually falling out of Starkweather's favor. But as Starkweather still deemed Piggsy useful (a means of disposing of corpses), he decided to lock him away in the attic before employing Cash.

Events of Manhunt[]

While locked-away in the attic of the Starkweather's mansion, Cerberus guards are seen feeding Piggsy human remains, in the opening cutscene of Grounds for Assault. Later, In the opening cutscene of Trained to Kill, Piggsy, likely fed up by his long imprisonment, is then seen breaking the chains that bind him and escapes free. He then arms himself with a Chainsaw and begins his rampage. Shortly after Cash is transported the estate grounds, Piggsy kills the Cerberus operatives outside as they fan out throughout the entire estate in pursuit of Cash as well as himself. Piggsy eventually confronts Cash and ambushes him in an elevator destined for the Director's room. Cash escapes the elevator (and accidentally loses his weapons) and finds himself unarmed in the abandoned top floors of the mansion, with Piggsy hot on his trail. They hunt for each other in the attic, until Cash is able to cripple Piggsy with two Glass Shards and a Wooden Spike.

Piggsy, wounded, retreats to his lair. Cash follows in pursuit, and is ambushed by Piggsy once more. He chases Cash to the very top of the estate's spiraling staircase, just outside of Starkweather's office, and confronts Cash for the final time. After stepping on an unsecured metal grate above the staircase and nearly breaking it, Cash spots a weakness he can exploit. After luring Piggsy to the grate once more, it comes crashing down underneath his weight. Piggsy is able to jump and grab onto the edge of the floor, but drops his chainsaw in doing so. Cash calmly picks up the weapon and slices Piggsy's forearms off to finish him, ultimately sending Piggsy plummeting to his death. Presumably, Cash not only did so to defend himself, but out of mercy. Shortly afterwards, Cash uses Piggsy's chainsaw to enter Starkweather's room to ultimately confront and kill Starkweather himself, after facing off the last few of the Cerberus guards.







  • Piggsy is an infamous boss character within the Manhunt community. Alongside having a frightening appearance of being an obese, cannibalistic, mentally unstable, naked man viciously wielding a chainsaw and wearing a bloody skinned pig's head as a mask who is nearly invincible against damage, he also gained notoriety among many fans for his jumpscare charging attack upon first encountering him.
  • When Cash attempts to execute Piggsy with the Glass Shard/Wooden Spike, he drives the bladed weapon into his upper back, causing Piggsy to scream in a pig-like manner. But, he immediately turns and strikes Cash while in agony, knocking him off-balance and making him drop the generic knife-like weapon, before running away in fear. Like Ramirez, Piggsy cannot be killed with executions and will still fight Cash, although he does take damage. After three attempts, he retreats to his lair saying "No more!" (this also hints there are no more Green Class weapons for the player to search). To actually kill him, Cash must trick Piggsy into standing on the metal grate on top of the staircase twice in order to slice his forearms off to make him plummet to his death at the basement of the Estate, with his own Chainsaw (as Piggsy drops it trying to hang onto the edge).
    • In the beta version of the game, Cash's execution attempts on Piggsy had two unique animations not found in the final release; One has Piggsy instantly turning around and knocking Cash down to the floor. As Piggsy then turns on his Chainsaw and prepares to strike him down, Cash quickly gets up and stabs him on the stomach, causing Piggsy to flinch in pain. The other animation, similar to the final version, has Cash driving the shard/spike onto Piggsy's shoulder, but Piggsy turns and hits Cash hard enough to send him flying to the ground, before holding on the wound in agony and Cash soon gets back up again.
  • Piggsy has a unique ability to detect Cash not only by seeing or hearing like other Hunters, but also by his sense of smell. If Cash hides in one place for too long, Piggsy will eventually catch his scent and follow or give chase, sometimes even in shadows. Watch out for Piggsy occasionally stopping and bobbing his snout in the air as he tries to pick up your smell; If Cash is hiding nearby, he will begin moving towards him, and if Piggsy ends up next to Cash, there is a chance he can spot him even if he is in the shadows. The "Sniff Sniff" graffiti seen in Deliverance is a warning clue to this mechanic.
  • According to the opening cutscene of Grounds for Assault where the Cerberus guards are feeding him human remains, Piggsy has a horrible odor; likely the result of the rotting pig head he wears and not being able to bathe at all while locked in the attic.
  • Piggsy, unlike all other enemies in Manhunt, has a deadly ability of not taking damage by normal means, as he is invulnerable to attacks, including the Super Punch cheat. Consequently, Piggsy cannot be fought head-on even with weapons. The only way he can be harmed is through executions, though headshots from firearms hacked into the level via the Fully Equipped cheat or through trainers, as well as the Helium Hunters code, can bypass this immunity.
    • Although guns are not normally available when battling Piggsy, if the player performs a single shot to the head, he will be instantly killed, allowing Cash to quickly obtain his Chainsaw and progress to Starkweather's office. However, aiming and shooting at his body is ineffective, even with the Assault Rifle.
      • If Piggsy were to be shot in the body with the Assault Rifle, a glitch occurs where if he stands on top of the metal grate, the cutscene will not happen, leaving the player unable to kill him except for aiming and firing at his head, as aforementioned.
      • If the player were to aim at Piggsy with the Assault Rifle, he will run away from Cash.
      • Strangely, in the beta version of the game, after the three execution attempts, Piggsy will begin taking damage like normal and it is possible to kill him just like regular Hunters.
  • If Cash were to immediately have the Chainsaw via trainers and is seen by Piggsy, he will ironically run away from Cash. Even when using this weapon against him, however, Piggsy still will not take direct damage.
    • If you attempt to prematurely execute Piggsy with it, the game will play the same animation used for executing Starkweather, from behind. His stomach will not be open when slashed but his head still explodes, the sound will be buggy and Piggsy himself does not speak Starkweather's line, and the game will immediately end once the execution is over. A likely reason why this happens is that the final mission is scripted to finish when that specific animation is played. The reason it also plays on Piggsy is most likely because he shares the same special body type as Starkweather (both are the final bosses of Manhunt).
  • The boss fight against Piggsy functions in the opposite manner against the White Rabbit, Ramirez, the Cerberus Leader, and Starkweather himself, as he is the one chasing James Earl Cash down to kill him instead, while Cash had to chase after the other antagonists to defeat them. It is unknown if this was a deliberate artistic choice from the developers to create a change of pace of the game as a contrast between those moments and the battle against Piggsy.
  • Piggsy has shown some degree of peak human physicality. He is strong enough to break through his chains and even lift or toss a grown man with ease (as seen with Cash in the unused Wire execution animation). He is resilient when he is either stabbed, punched, or even shot. And even with his large build, Piggsy is still capable of chasing down his target with a chainsaw in hand and can even jump obstacles. It is possible he is even stronger than Cash and Ramirez.
  • Manhunt_-_Unused_Piggsy_Wire_Execution

    Manhunt - Unused Piggsy Wire Execution

    There was originally a Wire execution where Cash would hop on Piggsy's back to wrap the wire around his neck then hops down to strangle him, but ends up being tossed over to the ground by Piggsy. A nearly strangled Piggsy runs away and Cash soon gets up with his hand on his head, similar to the Glass Shard/Wooden Spike execution scenes.[2] This was cut in the final game for unknown reasons but can still be accessed via trainers. Like the other Green Class weapons, Piggsy does suffer damage from the Wire. This execution, without a doubt exists in the beta version of the game (but Piggsy doesn't run away afterwards).
  • There are 500 limited-edition Piggsy statues that were produced by Rockstar Games for sale as collectibles (see image in gallery). They are extremely rare and are currently up for high prices. Interestingly, the statues have Piggsy's crotch being fully covered with a cloth which can be removed to reveal his genitals.
  • Piggsy has some dialogue that was unused in the game, which includes him saying "Stop!", "Go away!", "Not funny!", or himself screaming. The latter implies it was once planned to have Piggsy scream as he falls to his death in Deliverance.
    • Curiously enough, his "No more!" line in the level is actually a shortened version, where he was originally supposed to say it twice.
  • Piggsy has multiple corpses of himself found in certain levels of the game, similar to the beta Cash; In Divided They Fall, inside one of the rooms within the apartment block, two can be seen. They are tied, beheaded, and their stomachs are heavily wounded but lack the bloody pig skin marks. In the bonus level Hard as Nails, all of the five hanging body bags from Road to Ruin are replaced by headless corpses of Piggsy using the model from the Divided They Fall mission. Ironically, his real corpse can also be found within this level but a trainer is required to get to it, as it is impossible to reach under normal circumstances. Here, his dead body is also beheaded and his limbs are seemingly cut off as well.
  • Five Cerberus guards slain by Piggsy himself can be found in two levels. A headless body is by the garage and another is near the gate in the estate grounds in Border Patrol, while two more bodies cut entirely in half are seen in the room where he was chained up in Deliverance. In the former, one of the members as Hunters can be seen dead nearby when the level begins, due to its opening cutscene.
  • When battling Piggsy during Deliverance and in several cutscenes and artwork, his genitals are visible. Sometimes, during the animations when he moves or looks around, it disappears then becomes visible again. This may be due to graphical limitations.
  • There is a cheat called "Piggsy skin" which replaces Cash's model with Piggsy's.
  • One of the Pervs from the Wii and PC versions of Manhunt 2 wears a pig mask, a callback to Piggsy.
  • Piggsy originally was named "Ratty" and wore a mask of a skinned rat rather than a pig.
  • Piggsy is the only boss in Manhunt to fight exclusively using a melee weapon, due to the White Rabbit, Ramirez, the Cerberus Leader, and Starkweather each owning a firearm, as well as Binbag and the Scarecrow being cut from the game.
  • There was an unused plotline in earlier stages of development, involving an incident between Piggsy and Scarecrow which is mentioned, but never detailed. It isn't clear as to what the "debacle", as the Bonus Features put it, has to do with the storyline or the progression of the game. What is clear is that Piggsy and Scarecrow are both bitter enemies.
  • Hunter Platin, the voice actor of Piggsy, also provides part of the voices of the CCPD.
  • The game's instruction manual states that Piggsy purposefully keeps the blade of his chainsaw dull and rusty to make sure his victims suffer as much pain as possible. Though, given Piggsy's low mental faculties, this could have been a decision made by Starkweather instead. It also says the blade itself has his signature on it, which is simply an "X".
  • When asked about who Piggsy is in an email from a fan, former Rockstar North developer and Manhunt's Lead Level Designer/co-writer Christian Cantamessa stated “Piggsy was another "challenger", just like James Earl Cash. Homeless and already mentally ill, he was greatly traumatized during the hunt and disfigured. Instead of executing him, Starkweather decided to turn this poor man into an asset for his twisted horror show. Piggsy is a sad product of the hunt, and his mental illness and troubled past make him an ever more tragic figure.”
    • This confirms Piggsy was indeed Cash's snuff film predecessor and substantially a rival.
  • Judging by his behavior and mannerisms, Piggsy had developed a serious mental disorder greater than that of the Smileys gang.
    • Judging by his personal belief that he's an animal, specifically a pig, Piggsy appears to have developed clinical lycanthropy, a dangerous condition where an individual believes they are an animal. Clinical lycanthropy is a very rare syndrome and associated with schizophrenia, psychotic depression, bipolar disorder, or other psychotic disorders.
    • It is also indicated that Piggsy has developed schizophrenia as well; He believes the fight against Cash is merely a game, he believes he's a pig, his theme "Deliverance" could represent his auditory hallucinations, and his speech is also disorganized and simplified.
      • The extremely aggressive Monkeys gang are very similar to Piggsy in these regards.
  • Piggsy is designed to embody human savagery and is often seen as a parallel to the audience that enjoys strong violence in video games and uses such games as an outlet for their darkest urges under the excuse that it is just a game with no real-life consequences, implications, or repercussions.
    • Piggsy believes his actions are all part of a game and he immediately tries to quit the "game" by retreating back to the attic when Cash is beginning to get the upper hand, much like how a player would throw the controller in uncontrolled anger and frustration as soon as they are on the losing side, famously known as "rage quitting".
    • In Manhunt, Cash is guided by Starkweather and instructed to kill the Hunters in increasingly violent ways in order to get high scores on the level. Piggsy, who lacks the Director's help, simply kills the Cerberus guards for the fun of it and believes this is all part of a game.
    • Pigs are often seen as the representation of gluttony, the sin of over-indulgence and over-consumption of food or drinks, which Piggsy fulfills by over-indulging in violence and over-consuming human corpses, as well as being obese.

Other games developed by Rockstar Games[]

  • Piggsy, as well as James Earl Cash, Tommy Vercetti, and Lance Vance (latter two from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) action figures can be found in Zero's RC Shop at San Fierro in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as an Easter Egg. His own action figure is ironically reused from the mock-up one seen in the Bonus Features art panel.
  • In Bully, at the Happy Volts Asylum, you can find a picture of a pig with the word "piggy" below it, a subtle nod to Piggsy.
    • Next to Zoe's house, there is a building where one can hear some chainsaw and pig noises, another reference to Manhunt's villain.
  • Pig masks can be purchased and worn in Grand Theft Auto V. This may be a nod to Piggsy. Piggsy himself also appears in the game in the form of a tattoo called "Sniff Sniff" and was available in The Criminal Enterprises DLC.
  • A pig mask makes an appearance in Red Dead Redemption 2 as a secret collectible.


Motel Hell Vincent Smith

Vincent Smith from the Motel Hell film, whom Piggsy resembles.

  • Piggsy's appearance is likely inspired by Vincent Smith, the main villain of Motel Hell, a 1980 comedy horror film, due to the fact that both he and Piggsy wear pig heads as masks and wield chainsaws as a weapon.
    Leatherface (TCM2)

    Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, who is an obvious inspiration for Piggsy

    • It is also most likely that Piggsy may be based on horror icon Leatherface, the main antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series, as both are deranged men who make heavy uses of chainsaws to gruesomely butcher their enemies, not capable of coherent speech, wear skinned creatures as masks, and are also cannibalistic as well as being physically strong.
  • The Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number character Martin Brown, also known as The Pig Butcher, seems to be heavily inspired by Piggsy, given how he has a powerful, fat build and wears a bloodied pig mask.
  • In the boardgame Spinespur, one of the characters, Pigskin, is a cannibalistic butcher who wears a rotting pighead, a possible reference to Piggsy.
  • In Dead Rising 2, there is a boss enemy character named Randall "Randy" Tugman who wears a pig suit and wields a large chainsaw. This may be a nod to Piggsy.
  • In American Horror Story: Roanoke, the sixth season of the TV series American Horror Story, there is a vengeful spirit of a man wearing a severed pig head as a mask, called "Piggy Man", that haunts the Roanoke House, a possible reference to Piggsy.


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  2. A video featuring this behavior, can be found here: [1]