Apearance(s): Manhunt 2
Name: The Pervs
Also Known As: Pervs, Perverts, Freaks
Known Members: Al
Perv 1, Perv 2, Perv 3, Perv 4, Perv 5, Perv 6, Perv 7
Front(s): Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon
Weapons: Circular Saw, Axe, Chained Baseball Bat, Stun Prod, Mace, Dentist Chair, Iron Maiden
Vehicle(s): Voodoo
Allies: Judy Sender
Enemies: Daniel Lamb, Leo Kasper
Voiced by: Marco Barricelli
Ezra Knight
Dennis Ostermaier
Jay O. Sanders
Otto Sanchez
Scott Sowers
Dan Ahearn

"It's society that's perverted, not us"- Perv

The Pervs are a gang made up of sexual deviants, sadistic perverts and pedophiles that appear in Manhunt 2.

Description[edit | edit source]

They are a gang whose primary role in the Project is recruit ideal test subjects from the Red Light District, especially their underground Sado-Maso Club. Since the early days of the Project, the gang has come into its own as an autonomous underground society that pursues extreme hedonistic experiences, which include various illegal sexual and combative events, including cannibalism, torture, pedophilia, and other taboos. They are made up of hardcore sexual deviants, psychopathic perverts, snuff filmers, and pedophiles who are all motivated by the thrill of the hunt and the potential for violent sexual release. They are a vicious gang who have no boundaries or standards, and would rather taunt, intimidate, and torture their prey than just flat-out kill them. Unlike other gangs, they lack any sort of military or combat experience, but make up for it with an enthusiasm for sheer sadism and perverse cruelty. The gang's minor businesses are snuff films and a porn shop, named the Velvet Glove. Gang members can be found hanging around the Red Light District in Cottonmouth. They make appearances in the episodes Sexual Deviants, Red Light and Bees' Honey Pot. Their weapons of choice are the Circular Saw, the Axe, the Stun Prod, the Baseball Bat and the Mace (Wii).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Pervs and the Dixmor Inmates are the only gangs in the series that contain female members.
  • They are the only gang to be themed around the concept of human sexuality.
  • The Wii and PC versions features several new gang member variants, for example a donkey masked Perv in a black and white suit.
  • One of the Pervs on the PC and Wii versions of Manhunt 2 wears a pig mask on his head, seemingly as a tribute to Piggsy from the original Manhunt.
  • The Pervs appear to be inspired by the torturers from the movie Hostel.
  • The Pervs were removed from Safe House. They were supposed to be in the Porn Theater.
  • The brothel 'Pimps' are actually composed of two civilians and a Perv that was originally in Sexual Deviants.
  • The plaid skirt of the red-shirt wearing Perv actually accommodates his waist. This implies that he had it tailor made.

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Manhunt 2 - All Pervs Dialogue

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