Origins is the 11th level in Manhunt 2.

Mission[edit | edit source]

After regaining their composure Danny and Leo find themselves at a nearby medical facility. At this point Dr. Pickman emerges, Leo reminds Danny that Pickman is responsible for the whole situation. Daniel breaks into the Project Laboratories in hopes of coaxing Dr. Pickman into helping the pair. Inside the Project Lab, Danny kills several Watchdogs in order to get to Pickman. Pickman bolted the door to the animal lab, so Danny uses a nearby vent to gain access to the animal lab.

While crawling through the vent, Danny overhears a conversation between Pickman and a Project surgeon talking about the same experiment Danny underwent, but their testing on chimpanzees. Pickman goes through a face activated scanner to get through the exit door from the animal lab. Danny isn't allowed past the door, so he chops off the head of one of the Project surgeons to gain access. Pickman sees Danny, and alerts all Watchdogs of his presence. Danny has to push his way past another group of Watchdogs to get to Pickman.

Once Danny gets past the Watchdogs, he sees a movie reel with the TV-MK logo and the words Dr. Whyte on it. Danny moves on to an area with a projector, where the Project conducted experiments. Danny has a flashback to an experiment performed on him.

Location[edit | edit source]

Project Laboratories

Hunters[edit | edit source]

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Environmental Executions[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the section where Daniel must decapitate a Project Scientist to exit the Animal Lab, executions that cause the head to explode (violent and jumping Crowbar and gruesome Stun Prod) will stop doing so until he achieves the next area. This is pretty much the same as in Sexual Deviants, because having an intact head is key for progressing in the level.
  • In the PS2, PSP and Wii version, this is the only level to include a hacksaw.
  • In the video flashback, you can see Danny executes a Bloodhounds with a beta weapon.
  • After you sedate Pickman, while he's falling to the ground, you can quickly change to a Shotgun and blow his head off. This will not fail the mission and the cutscene will still play.
  • The slides during the flashback sequence changed multiple times during development. One showed a member of the military behind the American flag, another showed Danny with his family, another showed Danny sleeping with his wife. This sequence is likely inspired by a similar scene in the movie 'The Parallax View' by Alan J. Pakula.
  • In the beta, the outro FMV was slightly different. The beta version can be seen in this video.
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