Mr. Nasty is a character in Manhunt and technically the unseen quinary antagonist of the game.

Mr. Nasty is the anonymous "face" of Starkweather's film business and is believed to be the main villain. (Though his appearance is unaware to most players, especially newcomers, to those who are familiar with the storyline in Manhunt believes so.) He's referenced in the instruction manual (or winter/spring catalog as it is printed) by the name "Mr. Nasty".

Mr. Nasty is the financial backer and producer of the snuff ring under his company name; Valiant Video Enterprises. He runs his business under strict secrutiny, selling all manner of things from gimp masks to snuff movies from the hunts.

His name is a possible reference to an incident that occured in London in 1994. A man named Tom Halloran was caught selling banned videos such as Faces of Death to children; the tabloid newspaper News of the World reported the story with the headline "Mr. Nasty Sells Death Videos to our Kids".[1] As this article was later reprinted in at least one book covering the British "video nasty" scare, the Manhunt developers could conceivably have come across it in their research.

Mr. Nasty has been described by fans as the true Manhunt antagonist. He controls the snuff film ring and produces several films including the one James Earl Cash was involved in.

In the game manual, references to Mr. Nasty are accompanied by a picture of a man in a Skinz hockey mask, which also appears on the game cover, indicating that Mr. Nasty may be the leader, or at least a member, of the Skinz gang.

Trivia Edit

  • While debatable, there is a youtube video featuring Mr. Nasty's voice without the masker. His voice sounds very similar to that of Stephen Wilfong, who voiced James Earl Cash.


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