Most Wanted is the 9th mission in Manhunt 2.

Mission[edit | edit source]

Still shaken up after the death of Judy, Danny and Leo are given no time to regain their composure as they are cut off at the back of the brothel by a pack of bounty hunters known as The Bloodhounds, whom are under orders of The Project to detain the pair. The chase leads Daniel into an old locked off building and into the nearby neighbourhood. the Bloodhounds have an eye in the sky in the form of a helicopter tracking the pair. In an attempt to evade the 'hounds, Danny heads down into the sewage system, killing the patrolling hunters and trying to find a way back on the street to meet with Leo at the train yard. Upon emerging from the underground Danny and Leo find themselves in an old car garage that is filled with waiting Watchdogs.

Episode Info[edit | edit source]

Playable Character: Daniel Lamb
Location: Streets of Cottonmouth, Sewer System, Auto Shop
Hunters: The Bloodhounds, The Watchdogs, Civilians (PC)
Other Characters: Judy Sender (cutscene)
Environmental Executions: Oil Drum, Gasoline
Previous Scene: Assassination
Next Scene: Ritual Cleansing

Weapons and Items[edit | edit source]

Environmental Executions[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Video Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


"Manhunt 2", full walkthrough (Insane difficulty), Episode 9 - Most Wanted

Version Differences[edit | edit source]

  • A civilian and his Shovel appear only on the PC.
  • The Whisky Bottle appears only on the Wii and PC because it is a PC and Wii exclusive weapon.
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