The Monkeys.PNG
Apearance(s): Manhunt
Name: The Monkeys
Type: Mentally Disturbed
Front(s): Carcer City Zoo
Weapons: Machete
Sawn-Off Shotgun
Enemies: James Earl Cash

"Ooh Ooh Ahh Ahh!!"
- a Monkey.

The Monkeys are a group of Hunters in Manhunt.


The Monkeys are a gang of psychos who believe themselves to be primates, dressing in monkey costumes and only mimicking monkey sounds. Their costumes are based around the Jolly Chimp toy.

The Monkeys operate in the Carcer City Zoo and ambush anyone they see, except their own gang members. They are very territorial and loyal to the gang. Although seemingly primal, The Monkeys are intelligent enemies who use covers and ambushes to try and kill James Earl Cash.

The Monkeys are said to lose their control when there are no bananas around to eat. When this occurs, they commonly raid other gangs or assault the nearest bystander. They only appear in the bonus mission "Monkey See, Monkey Die". Their weapons of choice are the Sawn-Off Shotgun and Machete.


  • The Monkeys are the only gang with members that don’t speak a single word, they only mimic monkey sounds. The only time they actually make human noises is when they are being executed or shot at, screaming in pain and grunting.
    • However, the sounds they make while being executed are also used by other Hunters, which probably means the human noises the Monkeys make are just a developer oversight.
  • Due to sharing the same territory, the Monkey seem to be in conflict with the Wardogs, as seen in the intro of the mission Monkey See, Monkey Die where a Monkey ambushed and killed a Wardog. Missions taking place in the Carcer City Zoo often depict Wardogs whisphering about their comrades who fell to the Monkeys.
  • A hidden Monkey can be spotted at the end of the bonus level. He can only be reached with the trainer.
  • A faint image of a Monkey's face can be seen in the bottom left corner of the bonus art panel which features the Scarecrow Halloween Variant (PS2-USA game version).
  • The Monkeys have the number 666 written on their backs. 666 is a reference to Satanism, probably meaning they worship Satan.
  • In unused text at the end of "Mouth of Madness", Starkweather told Cash to put on the monkey suit for "Doing Time", which makes sense of Starkweather's "Monkey see, monkey kill" line at the beginning of the aforementioned scene.
  • Despite being the least common gang in the game, 39 hunters of this gang are encountered in Monkey See, Monkey Die, which is an even bigger amount of hunters than the SWAT, that appear in this game with the amount of just 21 hunters.