Monkey See, Monkey Die is a bonus scene in Manhunt, unlocked by achieving a least 3 stars in Mouth of Madness, Doing Time, Kill The Rabbit, Divided They Fall and Press Coverage.


Cash starts inside Carcer City Zoo armed with a Sawn-Off Shotgun, under attack by the Monkeys. He then must kill them and make his way towards the exit, killing all the Monkeys in his way.

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  • Shotgun shells (1x)

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Manhunt - Bonus Scene 3 - Monkey See, Monkey Die! (HD)

Manhunt - Bonus Scene 3 - Monkey See, Monkey Die! (HD)


  • This scene is the changed version of the second half of the Strapped For Cash scene, so it's most likely the reason for it to use the soundtrack of that level.
  • This is the only appearance of the Monkeys.
  • This is the only bonus scene in Manhunt not to feature the Hoods.
  • Revolver can be spawned via trainer, however aiming, firing and hitting a hunter (when close to) crashes the game.
  • The Monkey suit was originally created for Cash to put on in the 11th scene, and then for him to wear it in the following scene. This suggests that the Monkeys were originally never intended to be a gang in the beta. This is reinforced by their featured scene called "bonus2", instead of a unique name like the main scenes.
  • The level folder is named "bonus2", originally this scene was the second bonus scene.
  • A hidden Monkey can be spotted at the end of the bonus level, the player can reach him via trainer or Oob Glitch.
  • Not counting the idle Monkey, there are 39 hunters in this scene.
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