Michael Grant
Characters 2 michael
Game Manhunt 2
AKA Mikey
Location Fisto Sugar Factory
Project Laboratories (Flashback)
Weapons Flare Gun
Allies Daniel Lamb
Enemies Leo Kasper
Project Militia
Status Deceased
Voiced by Baron Vaughn

"Snap out of it, it's me Michael, remember?!" - Michael Grant, being chased by Leo

Michael Grant was the best friend and co-worker of Daniel Lamb. Just like Danny, Michael worked for The Project and was a high ranking scientist.

Manhunt 2Edit

Michael was involved in implanting Leo Kasper into Danny's mind. However when Leo tries to take over Danny's mind, The Project use Michael as bait and has him meet Danny at Blackwell Island, home of the Fisto Sugar Factory, where Danny threatens him at gun point, in an attempt to make him remove the Pickman Bridge.

When Danny reverts back to himself, Michael knocks the gun out of his hand and into the water and then grabs a flare gun from the deck, aiming it at Danny. The Project Militia then arrive in helicopters and decide to eliminate both Danny and Michael, so Michael hides in the factory, where Leo chases him. Michael took advantage of the Militia arrival, grabbed the flare gun from Leo and ran away with boat key.

Leo followed Michael yelling at him to drop the key, but Michael refused. Unfortunately, Leo surrounded and murdered him in order to get the key. Michael Grant died being the only Project member Leo tried to spare, for Danny's sake.

Later, Dr. Whyte revealed the death of Michael in her first therapy session with Daniel, which made him collapse out of sadness. This made Daniel ask Leo if he was really the one who killed Michael, causing the flashback of the level Best Friends during the events of Manhunt 2.

Michael also appeared as a memory of Daniel's murders during Personality Clash and can be either killed or avoided.

Beta Edit

In beta versions, rather than a flare gun, Leo used a revolver to coerce Michael as shown in some early screenshots in the official website for Manhunt 2. That's probably because the level Best Friends is an intro for the player to the use of firearms.



Official mediaEdit