The Meat Cleaver is a Blue Class weapon that only appears in Manhunt. It appears in the levels Mouth of Madness and Kill the Rabbit.

It is a weapon used by The Smileys.

Executions Edit

Weapons blue meatcleaver

All executions are the same as the Machete executions.

  • Hasty: Cash chops the hunter in the lower back, dropping him to his knees, he then holds the hunter's head and chops at the side of the hunter's neck three times, causing the hunter's head to be severed.
  • Violent: Cash steps to the side of the hunter and chops at his stomach, dropping him to his knees, Cash then continues to chop into the front of the hunter's neck four times, decapitating him.
  • Gruesome: Cash does the same as the Violent execution, except this time he places both hands on the grip of the weapon and chops away at the back the of hunter's neck, after three chops the hunter is decapitated.


  • Every execution with this weapon will generate a severed head.
  • It's one of the Smileys' primary weapons and it's possible that they stole them from the Asylum cafeteria.
  • The cleaver shares the same execution animations as the Machete.