The following is a list of Easter Eggs in the original Manhunt.

Zapping Machine Edit

At the beginning of Mouth of Madness, if you look through the glass door you can see a man strapped to an electric chair. The machine next to him reads:
Manhunt 2011-11-08 18-32-52-31

Zapping Machine

‘High Tech Solid State 1500 Watt Zapping Machine. Please note: This really fucking hurts!’

Hidden Items in White TrashEdit

A group of five Glass Bottles and a Knife are hidden together during the scene White Trash. They are located at the first locked off gate, near where you need to use a knife to cut the rope that is keeping the fence locked. The trainer is required in order for you to be able to jump there.

Beta Cash Edit

The beta James Earl Cash can be found several times during the game.

  • Inside the Darkwoods Penitentiary on an electric chair.
  • On a cross like shaped tree outside of the entrance to Starkweather’s mansion.

Hidden Save Point and Painkillers Edit

During the bonus scene Time 2 Die, there is a hidden Save Point and bottle of Painkillers behind the closed gate. The trainer is required in order for you to be able to jump there.

Piggsy's Corpse Edit


Piggsy's corpse

Piggsy's Corpse can be seen in a abandoned building in the bonus scene Hard as Nails. The trainer is required in order for you to be able to jump there.

Reporter's Apartment Edit

Several easter eggs can be found inside the apartment.

  • A calendar with a photo of New York City on it. The calendar shows the month and year as being November of 2003 with a small smiley face drawn on the 19th. The 19th of November 2003 was the date Manhunt was originally released in North America.
  • There is a hidden room with a pin board with various news clipping and images of the beta model for Cash.
  • "Gash" bags can be found inside the bedroom. Gash is a store from GTA Vice City.

Biblical Graffiti Edit

In the level Kill The Rabbit, there's a biblical graffiti above four cell door's at the location, where Cash is trapped by the White Rabbit. It says:

I will strew your flesh upon the mountains and fill the valleys with your carcass to drench the land even to the mountains with your flowing blood EZEKIEL 32:5.

Key Edit

There is a second key at the end of Kill The Rabbit behind the asylum gate.

Cartoon Edit

Once you have completed the game a short video clip plays that shows a robotic chef speaking backwards. When the sound is played backwards it displays the God mode cheat. Many suggest that the chef video is there to indicate that Lionel Starkweather has recorded over an old video that originally had a kids TV show recorded on it.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder Edit

In the 1990 movie ‘Die Hard 2: Die Harder’ there is a character by the name of Maj. Grant (played by John Amos) that looks almost identical to Ramirez.

Grand Theft Auto series Edit

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