Environmental execution manhunt 2 manhole

The Manhole execution

The Manhole is an Environmental Execution that appears in Manhunt 2.

It appears in the missions Ghosts (Wii), Red Light and Domestic Disturbance.


Danny places his left leg across the hunter's left leg and pushes him down. The hunter then puts his hands on the ground and raises up to look at his attacker only to be kicked in the face by Danny. Danny then lifts up the hunter's left leg and kicks him twice in the groin. Danny proceeds to grab the cover of the manhole, gets on his knees, raises the cover above the hunter's head and smashes the hunter on the right side of the face killing him. The hunter's body then falls into the hole.


  • The manhole was removed from Ghosts, but it is still in the Wii version. Rockstar was probably planning to introduce environmental executions earlier in the game.
  • In the PC version, if you fail the mouse motion prompt to raise the manhole's cover, the execution will stop and the hunter will get up. His mouth is glitched, however and will open and close at impossible degrees.


  • Manhole Animation