The Maibatzu Plaza[1] is a plaza located in City Center in Manhunt 2, with a large monument in the middle and surrounding it is the Project Office Skyscraper and a building being built by J.E.C. & Sons Construction.


In an attempt to get revenge on the Project, Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper assassinate Stanley Grex, their main funding source, with a Sniper Rifle fired from a high floor in the Project Office Skyscraper. The Project Militia arrive shortly to hunt them both down, leading to a killing spree across the rooftops, until Leo escapes through a sewer behind one of the plaza buildings.

Project ReportEdit

Taken from a letter from Dr. Whyte to Dr. Pickman, found in the instruction booklet:

9:32pm Maibatzu Plaza - City Center
Mr. Stanley Grex, the main source of funding for Pickman bridge research, is assassinated in plain sight in middle of the plaza. Subject identified as assassin. Perimeter set up to allow no escape.
Subject escaped. More Project casualties.

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Trivia Edit

  • Maibatsu is vehicle manufacturer from the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • The Majestic Hotel, which appeared in GTA IV, is present on the plaza.
  • There's a crane with ‘J.E.C. and Sons Construction’ written on it, this is a reference to the protagonist of the original Manhunt, James Earl Cash.
  • Several billboards from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories can be seen on buildings.
  • After the events on the plaza, Leo is called 'The Serial Killer from The Plaza'.


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