Weapons blue light handgun

The Light Handgun as it appears in Manhunt

Weapons 2 blue lighthandgun

The Light Handgun as it appears in Manhunt 2

The Light Handgun (also called GS Model 23 in-game) is a Blue Class Weapon that appears in both Manhunt games. It is similar to the Heavy Handgun, but less powerful. It is however, more powerful than the Revolver and more accurate at long range. The weapon itself is almost a carbon copy of the Glock 23, chambered in .40 caliber, with slighty modifications to the model. 

In Manhunt it appears in the levels Mouth of Madness, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Trained to Kill, Border Patrol and Key Personnel. In Manhunt 2 it appears in Best Friends, Safe House, Assassination, Broadcast Interrupted, Personality Clash (PC) and Release Therapy.

It is a weapon used by the Carcer City Police Department, Cerberus, S.W.A.T., The Bloodhounds, Project Militia, The Watchdogs and The Legion.

Execution Edit

Just like the Heavy Handgun execution, Danny spins the hunter around and hits him in the right side of the face with the gun, causing the hunter to fall to the ground. Danny then grabs the hunter's head and shoots him in the face.


Danny/Leo grab the hunter from behind and briefly hold him hostage with the gun to his head. As the hunter raises their hands, Danny/Leo let go of the hunter, then execute him at point blank range.


  • There was originally a flashlight version of the Light Handgun in Manhunt 2, but it was removed from the game during development.