Weapons 2 red katana

The Katana as it appears in Manhunt 2

The Katana is a Red Class weapon that appears in Manhunt 2. It is not available in the Wii edition of the game.

It only appears in the mission Broadcast Interrupted in the PSP/PS2/PC version of Manhunt 2.

Executions Edit

  • Hasty: Danny plants the katana into the back of the hunter's head, killing him. Danny then pulls it out as the hunter's body falls to the ground.
  • Violent: Danny stabs the hunter in the back, causing the blade to come out of the hunter's stomach and causing the hunter to fall to his knees. Danny then takes it out and chops his head off.
  • Gruesome: Danny cuts the hunter's right leg, causing him to fall to his knees. The hunter then raises up his right arm to defend himself. Danny continues to cut the hunter's arm, causing the hunter to put his arm down and hold the wound. Danny then stabs the right side of the hunter's neck. The hunter, still on his knees has his neck chopped open by Danny.
  • Jumping: Danny stabs the hunter in the back as he lands, dropping him on his knees. Danny then finishes him off by slicing the back of the hunter's neck.

Trivia Edit

  • A short video of Leo killing people with the Katana can be viewed inside the TVMK Studio.
  • The Katana can be found listed on Manhunt's exe.