Judy Sender
Game Manhunt 2
Location Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon
Bees' Honey Pot
Weapons Crowbar (cutscene only)
Allies Daniel Lamb
Enemies Leo Kasper
Dr. Pickman
Status Deceased
Voiced by Jordin Ruderman

"Don't threaten me, Pickman. I won't do this anymore! I quit! "
— Judy Sender

Judy Sender is a scientist who works for The Project in Manhunt 2. Judy only appears in the levels Sexual DeviantsBees Honey Pot and in Most Wanted as a flashback.

Manhunt 2[edit | edit source]

Judy seems to be nothing but a recruitment agent and operation supervisor for the Project, as she is never shown in the Project Laboratories or mentioned by the other key characters. She works at the Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon and Bees' Honey Pot brothel. 

After noticing a book of matches with Judy's name on it in his former house, Daniel Lamb seeks out Judy, as he believes she is able to help him remember his past.

Daniel first encounters her inside the Pervs' Strip Club assisting them to torture their victims and recording it. After killing many of the Pervs, Daniel manages to get inside the Project office where Judy is. During their brief conversation, she became horrified when Daniel said he could speak with Leo, revealing she was not aware of how the experiment went wrong six years ago. Then, she gives him the key to his safe house and runs away out of fear. Presumably, Judy warned the Project as soon as possible as there was a set up from the Watchdogs when he reached the safe house.

After escaping the set up, he went to Bees' Honey Pot trying to meet Judy a second time, where he was attacked by the "employees" of the brothel and more Watchdogs. During the chaos, Judy contacted Dr. Pickman, who threateningly told her to stay there and try to contain Daniel. Outraged, Judy refused and resigned from the Project.

When Daniel finally catches up to Judy at the terrace of the brothel she begins to tell him to not trust Leo, but before she can continue, she is shot in the heart from behind and falls to her death. It is currently unconfirmed if she was murdered either by a Watchdog, a brothel employee or a Bloodhound.

Beta[edit | edit source]

  • An early version of Judy looked much different. She originally wore a gimp suit. Her original design can be seen in the first teaser. It is unknown why her design was changed. It is most likely because her role in the story was different. There is a removed line from Danny that suggests Judy was going to be the dancing stripper at Bees' Honey Pot: "we need to take care of her customer first, we need her alone".
  • According to unused audio, Judy would be taken as hostage by the brothel employees just to lure Daniel.
  • One objective of the Sorority House level was to find a female student. Judging by the order of the levels, it might have involved Judy.

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