Jec and sons


J.E.C. and Sons Construction is a construction company based in Cottonmouth in Manhunt 2. The company has significant construction work on a skyscraper on the Maibatzu Plaza. The company owns a DUDE crane in the level Assassination. This suggests that James Earl Cash started a construction company after escaping Starkweather's snuff film ring. Since Cash looks considerably older than his supposed child (his grey hair is a giveaway); and since it is known that the one of Cash's male family members is his brother, it can be assumed that the other male member is Cash's son, when justifying the reasoning behind Cash's construction company logo.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the company is a reference to the protagonist of the original Manhunt, James Earl Cash.
  • The logo of the company is very similiar to the Final Build Construction company in the GTA series.
  • As the company owns DUDE construction equipment, it can be considered another proof that Manhunt is part of Grand Theft Auto's universe.