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The Hoods Turf (also known as Carcer Mark) is an area of Carcer City made up of ruined buildings and shuttered stores. It is occupied and controlled by the Hoods, who claim it as their turf.

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Many buildings in this area are run-down, some of them lack large chunks of walls or ceilings, the windows in some of them are broken and boarded up. Some vehicles (those the player encounter at the start of the game) are completely covered in rust, street lighing is absent and the streets are full of trash. This may indicate that this part of the city was abandoned a long time ago, so now it has no population whatsoever and that it is used solely for the purpose of shooting snuff.

The district was formerly run by the Jury[1] before they were cut from the game. The Hoods own a warehouse in the area named Maverley and Sons where they keep their goods, and aparently live in the apartment blocks joined to it.

During the events of Manhunt, Cash was freed from death row in the vicinity of the Hoods Turf. Following Starkweather's instructions, he made his way through the streets and alleys of the Hoods turf where he sucessfully killed off multiple Hoods. Valiant Video Enterprises[2] also operate in the area as well as J. M. Arthur.

An abandoned building in the area is also the final resting place of Piggsy[3] and several other nameless corpses.

Mission Appearances: Born Again, Doorway into Hell, Road to Ruin, Hard as Nails, Brawl Game, Time 2 Die


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  1. In the game's files, Born Again is titled "jury_turf".
  2. A Valiant Video pony can be spotted in the area.
  3. Piggsy's corpse can be found with use of a trainer during Hard as Nails.
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