The Heavy Handgun as it appears in Manhunt.

The Heavy Handgun as it appears in Manhunt 2.

The Heavy Handgun is a Blue Class weapon that appears in both Manhunt games.

Its performance is similar to the Light Handgun, having less ammo capacity (only 9 rounds, where as the Light Handgun has 15), but being more powerful, nearly as strong as a Shotgun, as well as much more accurate and being the handgun with the most range. The model of the weapon is a carbon copy of the IMI Desert Eagle Mk XIX, chambered in .50AE.

It is a weapon used by Cerberus, Project Militia, The Bloodhounds, The Legion, S.W.A.T. and the Carcer City Police Department.



Manhunt 2[]


Just like the Light Handgun execution, Danny spins the hunter around and whacks the him in the right side of the face with the side of the gun, causing the hunter to fall to his knees. Danny then holds the hunter's head and shoots him in the face.



  • While the Heavy Handgun is a replica of the .50AE model, noted by its caliber and non-fluted barrel, the ammo capacity is 9 rounds, which is only correct for the .357 model.
  • In the PS2 beta in Safe House, the Heavy Handgun was originally used instead of the Revolver. The Revolver was used in Best Friends instead.