The Hacksaw as it appears in Manhunt 2

The Hacksaw is a Blue Class weapon that appears in Manhunt 2.

The Project Scientists are the only Hunters in the game to use the hacksaw.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Manhunt 2[edit | edit source]

Executions[edit | edit source]

  • Hasty: Danny/Leo wraps his right arm around the hunter's mouth and saws into his neck, killing him.
  • Violent: Danny/Leo punches the hunter in his left kidney then kicks him in the back of his left knee, causing him to fall to his knees. Danny/Leo then wraps his left arm around the hunter's neck and places the Saw on top of the hunter's head and continues to slice through his skull, killing him.
  • Gruesome: Danny/Leo places the Saw between the hunter's leg then slices it back out, cutting the hunter's groin open and causing the hunter to fall to his knees. Danny/Leo then slices into the right side of the hunter's neck, it only takes about 3 seconds before the hunter stops moving and becomes decapitated. Danny/Leo then pulls the Saw out of the hunter's neck as his body falls to the ground.
  • Jumping: Danny/Leo hits the hunter on the back of the head with the blade of the Saw as he lands, knocking the hunter to his knees. Danny/Leo then tilts the hunter's head back and cuts halfway through his neck. He then pushes the hunter's body over.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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