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The Grinder execution

The Grinder is an Environmental Execution that appears in Manhunt 2. It is one of the two environmental executions that can be made by the player, the other is the Gasoline Puddle. The execution must be activated by a switch at the side of the machine. When activated, the sound of the machine will distract hunters but they can't hear Leo's noises.

It only appears in the mission Best Friends.


Looking at the Grinder, the hunter is pushed into it by Leo. He is then crushed between the two wheels. The result is an explosion of blood and guts.


  • If Leo stands in front of the grinder for a few seconds, his arm will be pulled in and Leo will be crushed by the the grinder, failing the episode. The grinder is the only environmental execution that kills the player.
  • The Metal Grinder appears only in the level "Best Friends ".
  • In the beta version, at the beginning, all Metal Grinders are off.
  • In the Wii version, this is the only environmental execution requiring a single movement.

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