Manhunt 2 - Environmental Executions UNCENSORED


Environmental Executions are special executions that can be triggered by the player, however they are only in Manhunt 2. The name implies that the player uses the environment or the surroundings around him to execute a hunter when it is near to him. They are marked as white skulls and it is used to execute a hunter by using a component of the environment (i.e its hook or the fuse). To perform an environmental execution, one must lure a hunter near by tapping it or throwing something near it, and then target a hunter when the hunter is near to it and the reticle will turn red and flicker. Other environmental executions are self-made like the gasoline puddle or activating a meat grinder. Also, the meat grinder is the only environmental execution that can kill the player.

List of Environmental Executions[edit | edit source]

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