Dr. Pickman
Dr. Pickman.jpg
Game Manhunt 2
AKA Pickman
Location Dixmor Asylum
Weary Pines Cemetery (Daniel's Mind)
Business The Project
Weapons Tranquilizer Gun
Allies Daniel Lamb (Formerly)
Michael Grant (Formerly)
Project Militia
Asylum Orderlies
Project Scientists
Enemies Leo Kasper
Daniel Lamb
Judy Sender
Dr. Whyte
Michael Grant
Status Deceased
Voiced by Richmond Hoxie

"I am in control, and we will prevail!"
— Dr. Pickman

Dr. Pickman is a character in Manhunt 2, who appears as the secondary antagonist. Pickman is the founder of The Project.


Head of "The Pickman Project". The Project is named after him. After the government cut funding off for his work due to its inhumane methods, he went underground and continued his research.

Pickman is a heartless and cruel person, caring little about the suffering that his experiments cause on his test subjects. He created the "Pickman Bridge", the final product of his project, which would implant a separate personality, with an expertise in killing, into an unknowing subject. Pickman never demonstrates fear of Leo Kasper, not even when he is at his mercy.

Using codes hidden in the broadcasts of a television station that the Project runs, the subject's separate personality would trigger and perform their duty, afterward reverting back to the subject's real personality.

Events of Manhunt 2[]

Danny was the first successful recipient of the Pickman Bridge, but after the bridge malfunctioned and Leo proved to be uncontrollable, Pickman ordered to have Danny captured. After Leo (while taking over Danny's mind) killed Danny's wife, Pickman and the Project found Danny in Danny's house. Thinking the experiment is a little bit too effective, Pickman told Danny that Danny will not be able to remember anything before this. After that, Pickman ordered two of his helpers to have Danny's house torched. After that, Daniel was then locked away into the Dixmor Asylum for six years while Pickman and Dr. Whyte worked to undo the damage.

After escaping the asylum and killing off the Project's hunters, Daniel breaks into Dr. Pickman's lair only to be put in a sedative state when Pickman recites a phrase from the Shakespearean play The Tempest over the intercom. Danny eventually regains consciousness and finds Pickman in the Project Laboratories auditorium. When Pickman is finally confronted, Danny sedates him with a tranquilizer gun, as he is needed alive.

Afterwards, Pickman wakes up strapped to a wheelchair, and Leo demands that he should remove the bridge so he can be free, not realizing that if this were to happen, Leo would die, as he is not the dominant personality. The doctor attempts to initiate a hypnotic state a second time, but Leo goes insane and manages to grab a scalpel and stab him several times in the heart before succumbing.

Later, Pickman appeared during Personality Clash as a memory of Daniel, revealing Daniel felt guilt even for the death of the head doctor. He can be either killed or avoided.



  • Dr. Pickman may be a reference to a character in H.P Lovecraft's 1926 short story "Pickman's Model".
  • Just like Dr. Whyte, the first name of Dr. Pickman never is mentioned in game. However, Dr. Whyte's first name was revealed in supplementary material as "Laura", while Dr. Pickman's remained untold. It's unknown even if Dr. Pickman had a first name defined at all.