Scene doorwayintohell

Doorway into Hell is the 2nd scene in Manhunt.


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Cash jumps through the trash chute in Carcer Mark Mall and ends up in the back alleys of the Hoods Turf. He makes his way through the hostile streets, maneuvering through several abandoned buildings to get around the numerous roadblocks. Many Hoods members are taken out along the way.

Cash soon comes across a padlocked gate and must search for a Crowbar to open it. He enters a ruined building and climbs up a set of stairs, only to be ambushed by a lone Hood wielding the crowbar. Cash wipes him out and grabs the crowbar.

After busting the padlock with the newly acquired crowbar, Cash descends into the basement of a burnt-out building and is goaded on to fight another crowbar-wielding Hood in a padded bondage room. He takes him out and completes the scene.


Time Goal: 10 minutes
Location: Abandoned streets, buildings and cellars in Hoods Turf
Hunters: The Hoods
Other Characters: Lionel Starkweather (voice)
Previous Scene: Born Again
Next Scene: Road to Ruin

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Video WalkthroughEdit

"Manhunt 1", full walkthrough (Hardcore difficulty), Scene 2 - Doorway into Hell

"Manhunt 1", full walkthrough (Hardcore difficulty), Scene 2 - Doorway into Hell


  • There are blood stains on the wall which were reused from Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • Mean Street Taxis, a taxi firm from the GTA series, is seen advertised on a large window.