Domestic Disturbance is the 14th level in Manhunt 2, where you play as Leo Kasper. The mission begins with a introduction scene of Dr. Whyte revealing to Daniel Lamb what is the "Pickman Bridge" and helping him to have a a flashback of the night of Mrs. Lamb murder.

Mission[edit | edit source]

In the flashback, after the events from the Project Plaza and Project Warehouses, the police is on Leo's tail. Leo informs Danny that there's one last thing to do before they would have absolute freedom and Leo wants to do it alone and he promises freedom when it is over. Leo is attempting to gain access to Daniel's house to deal with the last thing holding Danny to his past and also the one thing that is stopping Leo taking over Daniel's mind.

A police helicopter is searching the streets of a residential district as backup for the cops on the ground. Killing all cops patrolling the area, Leo steals some pliers from one of the garages and cuts a hole in a wire mesh to continue his escape, but the S.W.A.T. agents and police helicopter notice him. Leo runs away through the backyards losing the helicopter and some of the S.W.A.T. agents. After killing the remaining S.W.A.T agents, Leo passes over the fence to Danny's backyard and breaks into his house.

The final cutscene after Leo reach the house show that the thing Leo "had to do alone" is kill Daniel's wife. Dr. Pickman and the Project arrive by the morning only to find Leo besides the dead housewife. Dr. Pickman then orders the project agents to burn the house, clean up Daniel's memory and take him to Dixmor Asylum. Daniel is aware of what is happening, and is heard shrieking inside his mind out of rage and despair due his loved one's demise.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Normally, If the Police Maverick spots Leo, then the helicopter begins to shoot him until he is killed. However, when he runs on the street, the SWAT and police helicopter will chase you. But if he finds a shadow and hides there, the police helicopter and SWAT will lose him. The police helicopter will keep going in another part and the SWAT officers can be killed without the police helicopter returning.
  • Even on Insane Mode, it's entirely possible to finish this chapter without killing any civilian, cop, or SWAT agent.
  • If you execute a hunter when the police helicopter spotted you, the pilot's voice sounds like: "Danger, pull over keep fire!", but oddly, the police helicopter will not shoot at you and will leave the execution area without trying to shoot you.
  • It seems that in the pre-beta version, this level was actually quite different. The folder name - A03 - indicates that it was supposed to be the third stage of the game. You were playing as Danny, tasked by Leo to take out three Project Scientists living in the neighborhood.
    Transcript: Leo: "Three project scientists live in this neighborhood, Danny. They may look like boring suburban ass wipes, but by day they torture people like you and me. We gotta find and kill 'em all. Negotiations are over, they've already set out The Legion to patrol the streets. Mistakes made by the Project. They're completely psychotic. Look for the red mailboxes. That's where they live."
  • In another audio file, Leo mentions that a Project Scientist lives in the house with the speedboat.
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