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Doing Time is the 12th scene in Manhunt and Cash's second encounter with the Smileys.


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Cash has now made it to the cell blocks and is instructed to stay there, using a Hammer and a Metal Bat to give Starkweather enough gore, until he opens the doorway leading upstairs.

He must first find a Hammer and perform a Violent and a Gruesome execution with it and then kill the Smiley carrying a Metal Bat, to perform a Violent and a Gruesome execution with it.

Once upstairs, Cash gets involved in a serious gunfight with more Smileys before making his way to the shower block.


Time Goal: 15 minutes
Location: Darkwoods Penitentiary
Hunters: The Smileys
Other Characters: Lionel Starkweather (voice)
Previous Scene: Mouth of Madness
Next Scene: Kill the Rabbit

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Video WalkthroughEdit

"Manhunt 1", full walkthrough (Hardcore difficulty), Scene 12 - Doing Time

"Manhunt 1", full walkthrough (Hardcore difficulty), Scene 12 - Doing Time


  • This is the only appearance of the Hammer in Manhunt.
  • If a player brings the Severed Head of the hunter patroling the tower to the Guard Room in the previous level, Starkweather will leave Cash a Shotgun inside a room, up the stairs and to the left.
  • Dead bodies (possibly orderlies or other inmates) can be seen hanging from the ceiling.
  • The Spiked Bat can be found inside the Shower Block, but the trainer is required to get there.
  • At the beginning of this scene, Starkweather will say "monkey see, monkey kill". Achieving at least a 3 star rating on this scene, as well as in Mouth of Madness, Kill The Rabbit, Divided They Fall, and Press Coverage will unlock a bonus scene called Monkey See, Monkey Die.
    • Cash was originally supposed to wear the monkey suit during this level, as unused text in Mouth of Madness' gxt states that a lone Smiley in the watchtower was supposed to wear a monkey suit and Starkweather told Cash to put it on at the beginning. Starkweather will sometimes say "Hunt the monkey, boys." when Cash is spotted and this explains the "Monkey see, monkey kill" line.
  • In this level, there aren't any Green Class Weapons.
  • Crowbar has been removed from this level, it can be seen on beta screenshots.
  • According to a beta screenshot, The Clowns will appear in this mission.