"Where do you think you're going, little man? Huh? Huh! What the fuck? Think you're tough? I'll rip your fucking head off... it's our turn now! Run, RUN!!"
- Ramirez

Divided They Fall is the 14th scene in Manhunt, where Cash kills Ramirez and finishes off the Wardogs.

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After escaping Darkwoods Penitentiary Cash is on the run from Starkweather. While making his way through the Darkwoods district of Carcer City, he runs into Ramirez and the Wardogs who have been instructed to capture Cash.

Cash takes a beating from Ramirez and is disarmed before they let him loose outside an apartment building for a game of 'hide and seek'. Ramirez heads up to his room and uses a Sniper Rifle to try and spot Cash from above while three of his Wardogs are at ground level hunting him, but he kills them.

Now frustrated, Ramirez sends Wardogs with Shotguns down to finish Cash off, but Cash kills them and begins making his way up the apartment complex in search of Ramirez, killing all the Wardogs in his way.

Ramirez doubles back past Cash and runs downstairs while more Wardogs head upwards. Cash heads back downstairs killing all the Wardogs in his way. If Cash fails to kill Ramirez within 2 minutes and 30 seconds, more Wardogs will arrive making it harder.

Once Ramirez is dead, Cash runs away to the sound of gunshots and is picked up by the female Journalist who drives him away in her car and explains she is trying to bring down Starkweather but he is on to her and needs his help.

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  • Sniper Rifle Bullets (1x)

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  • Ramirez can't be executed, so he must be killed with a gun. If the player tries to perform an execution, there will be a short cutscene where Cash grabs Ramirez from behind, but Ramirez fights him off and then taunts him.
  • If the player tries to execute Ramirez the game will count it in the number of hunters executed, although Ramirez won't die or take any damage.
  • Ramirez's backup consists of two Wardogs wielding Sniper Rifles.
  • Strangely if the player tries to execute Ramirez with a Plastic Bag it will disappear after the execution while if the player tries that with a Wire it will remain in Cash's inventory.
  • During the opening cutscene, Cash will be carrying a Shotgun and a Heavy Handgun, despite what he may be carrying at the end of the previous scene.
  • This is the scene where you find out the director's name, although it was mentioned several times before by the Smileys, the Journalist, and Ramirez in dialogue.
  • This is the only appearance of the Ice Pick (Obtainable only via trainer).
  • The shop on the ground floor of the left building is a copy of the doughnut shop in Little Haiti from GTA Vice City. But, this one is a little larger.
  • The map of this scene is the cut area from Born Again. This explains the interior of the same donut shop, as well as the ending cutscene taking place right outside the entrance to the cut area.
  • The scene has 32 hunters, 29 Wardogs will be encountered if Ramirez was killed before the his backup arrive, 2 more Wardogs will come if the player fails to kill Ramirez within 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • This is the only scene in the game where all the garbage bags have hidden weapons, also this is the only scene where the player can find 2 hidden painkiller in 2 garbage bags.
  • In the outro cutscene gunshots can be heard, implying Cash did not kill all the Wardogs.
  • Graffiti resembling the style of the Innocentz can be found outside the apartment block sprayed onto the walls. This would suggest that they once inhabited this area.
  • In a room inside the apartment, two hung decapitated corpses resembles Piggsy.
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