The Dentist Chair is an environmental execution that appears in Manhunt 2. It only appears in the mission Sexual Deviants.


Environmental execution manhunt 2 dentaltchair

The Dentist Chair execution

Danny grabs the hunter from behind and pushes him into the chair. He punches him in the face with his right hand, and then grabs a scalpel and stabs it into the hunter's right hand, with the hunter reaching for the scalpel with his left hand, only to be stabbed with another scalpel in his remaining hand. The hunter, now impaled to the chair, is killed by Danny who shoves a dentist drill into the middle of the hunter's face.

This execution can easily be used to kill the Perv torturing a man near the chair. If the player does so, the tortured man will die from his wounds while Danny executes the hunter. There is nothing that can be done to prevent his death.


  • In the early versions of the execution, there are placement errors when the hunter is killed.
  • In the beta version of Manhunt 2, the execution originally had Daniel using a hand drill on the dentist before using the dentist drill to kill him. This part was cut down due to disturbing content. What's odd however is that this was only changed in the PS2 and PSP versions; In the Wii and PC versions of the game, the execution remains the same way it originally was.
  • Yet the beta version of the execution is still longer by about 3 seconds compared to the Wii and PC versions. It has 1 additional shot of Daniel raising his hand stabbing the hunter in the face with the hand drill before starting to twist it. The finishing off with the dentist drill is also extended, as the act of burying the drill in the face is taking about twice as much time. The blood effects are most graphic in the Beta version.
  • There was a female project victim being tortured instead of the male project victim. It is unknown when this change was, and which version of the game the female project victim was there.


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