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Daniel's House

It is the home of the Lamb family located in Cottonmouth, Manhunt 2. It appeared in the levels Ghosts and Domestic Disturbance.

Domestic Disturbance Edit

The house is domiciled by Danny and his family. It's a two-floored house with a basement and a garden.


  • Kitchen
  • Living Room (Leo murdered Mrs. Lamb in this room)
    Manhunt2 2013-11-24 21-14-20-92

    Interior of kitchen

  • Corridor
    Manhunt2 2013-11-24 21-14-35-89

    Another view of kitchen

  • Basement (Danny hid the Cortexia drug here)
  • Bathroom
  • Child's room
  • Bed room


  • Garden (with a swing)

Ghosts Edit

The house is abandoned. Danny and Leo are searching the Cortexia drug in the house. After that, they are assaulted by The Watchdogs.


  • Kitchen (Mrs. Lamb's ghost appears here)
  • Living Room (break the mirror; there are a few hidden video tapes here)
  • Corridor (a ball falls down the stairs and a child's laughter can be heard)
  • Basement (the ghost of Danny's son appears here)
  • Bathroom (a Watchdog breaks through the window)
  • Child's room (the ghost of Danny's daughter appears here)
  • Bed room (Danny's daugher's ghost appears here)


  • Garden (a short flashback can be seen here)
  • Television room (televisions flicker; Danny briefly hallucinates about TVMK here - appears to be absent from Wii version)

Weapons Edit

Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There is a hidden room in the house. It's behind the living room. To see it, wall hug into a corner and use the eyes view to see throw a wall. Note: this can be a little tricky and difficult. An easier way to see the room is to use a trainer to fly into the room.
  • There's a grille in the garden in the level Ghosts. It is absent in the level Domestic Disturbance.