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Clown variants

The Clowns is a gang that was going to appear in Manhunt but was dropped from the final version.

The Clowns are the final in-hunt gang that the player encounters and are as extreme as the hunt allows. Laughing and shouting, they chase targets mainly for the fun of it. The Clowns are the highest ranking gang within the hunt at present due to their barring of The Smileys for great disobedience. They originally controlled the scrap yard. It's unknown why they were dropped from the final version of the game (probably because they were too similar to The Smileys with them both being gangs made up of psychos). A fierce rivalry exists between the two gangs and although The Smileys are thought of as the superior gang, the Clowns are a dangerous gang that are not to be messed with. Their only known weapon was the Sawn-Off Shotgun. The top clown on right's face paint looks very similar as real life serial killer John Wayne Gacy's face paint when he turned into his alter-ego Pogo the Clown. The face paint of the Clown on the bottom right looks very similar to Oliver Hardy's own face.