The Church and surrounding streets.

Carcer Church is an abandoned church located in East Los Albos. It is currently used by the Innocentz as a major gang compound and base of operations. Members of the gang can be seen wandering around inside the church drinking, using drugs and fighting each other. 

The church grounds include a graveyard and mausoleum to one side of the main building. During the events of the game Ramirez can be seen giving orders to gang members from inside the church itself. It appears in the levels View of Innocence and Drunk Driving with the graveyard only appearing in the latter.  


  • It is never revealed which denomination the church belongs to nor can any clues be derived from the architecture of the building itself due to it being a common church design.
  • It is somewhat curious that the Innocentz would make use of a church due to the Satanic tendencies of some members. But it is possible that they desecrated the church when the city's troubles began.
  • A picture of Carcer Church and the surrounding district can be found during the mission "Architectural Espionage" in GTA San Andreas, another Rockstar game.