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The Factory exterior.

The Carcer Chem Factory is a chemical factory located somewhere in Carcer City in Manhunt. It appears in the scene Graveyard Shift. The slogan of the factory is: Chemicals for all the family.

Although the factory is occupied by The Innocentz and it's located in a derelict district, the condition of the building is good. Inside the factory, there's a warehouse, machinery room, control room, cafeteria and a foyer. There's also a yard outside the building.

Level Exterior Edit

The player will find Carcer Gas! cans at the yard. Shooting at them will make them explode. There're also several trashbags scatered around the ground. Some of them will contain a Whisky Bottle or Barbed Wire. Near the factory gates, a wrecked Kuruma and Cerberus Van (with Cerberus soldiers inside) can be found.

Weapons and Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sprunk and snack vending machines with a Tarbrush Café stand are located in the cafeteria.
  • With the help of the trainer, the player can teleport Cash outside the factory gates, where he will find:
    • Hidden weapons: Barbed Wire, Plastic Bag, Can
    • Hidden hunter: A Skully. Note, that he won't attack Cash, but the player can still execute him.

The hidden area consists a part of a street and several buildings.