Beta camheds
Gang type Unknown
Front Unknown
Business(es) Unknown
Leader Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Affiliation(s) None
The Camheds is a gang that was going to appear in Manhunt, but were dropped from the final version.

Each member of the Camheds had an actual camera for a head. It was probably an idea to make the Camheds have cameras for heads, so that they could record the murders Cash committed on the hunters. It is unknown if the cameras were to be their actual heads, or if it was some type of mask. Going along the lines of the cameras functioning as their actual heads, it may give us an idea for them being dropped from the final version of the game as they would appear as some sort of extraterrestrials. Their clothing is different for they were all nicely dressed in business suits. Their clothing is very different from the clothing of the rest of the hunters who all wear ragged and torn-up clothing that was along the lines of ripped-up shirts, tank tops, jeans, and boots. Their weapons were originally going to be a Spiked Bat and a Lead Pipe.