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Border Patrol is the 18th scene in Manhunt where Cash first arrives at Starkweather’s Estate.


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The Journalist, along with a mobile news team and a news helicopter are outside the mansion, but Starkweather refuses to comment of her allegations about him. Cash is dropped off at the garage by the Cerberus, where they threaten to kill him when Piggsy is seen outside so they go to investigate (and meet their fates), leaving Cash locked inside.

Cash soon gets out by hitting the switch near the door and kills many Cerberus as he makes his way to Starkweather's Estate where more heavily armed Cerberus are sent out after him and some stand on the large balconies with Sniper Rifles in an attempt to kill Cash from above.

After killing the Cerberus, Cash enters the mansion via the basement door at the side of the estate.


Time Goal: 20 minutes
Location: Outside Starkweather’s Estate in Wapona Hills
Hunters: Cerberus
Other Characters: The Journalist (cutscene), Piggsy (cutscene), Starkweather (cutscene, in car), Cerberus (corpses), Beta Cash (corpses, easter egg)
Previous Scene: Trained to Kill
Next Scene: Key Personnel

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Video WalkthroughEdit

"Manhunt 1", full walkthrough (Hardcore difficulty), Scene 18 - Border Patrol

"Manhunt 1", full walkthrough (Hardcore difficulty), Scene 18 - Border Patrol


  • A Save point hit can be found in the middle of the garden maze.
  • Several Cerberus soldiers killed by Piggsy can be found at the beginning of the level.
  • Three corpses resembling beta Cash can be spotted hanging on the cross-like bushes near the garden maze.
  • Multiple beta Cash heads can be seen on spikes where the Cerberus with Sniper Rifles are positioned.
  • Strangely, Piggsy is seen with a yellow Chainsaw instead of the red one he uses in Deliverance.