CrackheadMcGee CrackheadMcGee 19 April 2020

Manhunt Body Count

  • 1 Before Manhunt
  • 2 Manhunt
    • 2.1 Born Again
    • 2.2 Doorway Into Hell
    • 2.3 Road To Ruin
    • 2.4 White Trash
    • 2.5 Fueled By Hate
    • 2.6 Grounds For Assault
    • 2.7 Strapped For Cash
    • 2.8 View of Innocence
    • 2.9 Drunk Driving
    • 2.10 Graveyard Shift
    • 2.11 Mouth of Madness
    • 2.12 Doing Time
    • 2.13 Kill The Rabbit
    • 2.14 Divided They Fall
    • 2.15 Press Coverage
    • 2.16 Wrong Side Of The Tracks
    • 2.17 Trained To Kill
    • 2.18 Border Patrol
    • 2.19 Key Personnel
    • 2.20 Deliverance
  • 3 Manhunt 2
    • 3.1 Awakening
    • 3.2 Ghosts
    • 3.3 Sexual Deviants
    • 3.4 Red Light
    • 3.5 Best Friends
    • 3.6 Safe House
    • 3.7 Bees' Honey Pot
    • 3.8 Assassination
    • 3.9 Most Wanted
    • 3.10 Ritual Cleansing
    • 3.11 Origins
    • 3.12 Broadcast Interrupted
    • 3.13 Altered State
    • 3.14 Domestic Disturbance
    • 3.15 Personality Clash
  • 4 Total Bodies
    • 4.1 Manhunt
      • 4.1.1 Kills
      • 4.1.2 Deaths
      • 4.1.3 Total
    • 4.2 Manhunt 2
      • 4.2.1 Kills
      • 4.2.2 Deaths
      • 4.2.3 Total
    • 4.3 Total D…
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CrackheadMcGee CrackheadMcGee 13 February 2020

Pickman Project Atrocities

Question, could someone please make a page for the atrocities from the Pickman Project page? The text on the papers is super hard to read cause of the lighting and everything else really, it'd really be very helpful.

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Kintobor Kintobor 22 July 2018

Rockstar Games are great game developers

Shame that most of their games are very controversial.

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T-002 T-002 28 June 2017

What happened with !?

I can not acess. Is the site dead? It was an awesome fan website.

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One True Slash One True Slash 12 April 2014

Problems with lock in 2nd level

Hi i'm new to play Manhunt and i have a problem on second level where you got to pick lock and go to the butcher cage i have a problem:I destory doors xD but lock is smoehow magicly flying in mid-air can someone help me? i have a red bat,blue bat,glass pane and the thing with what you must to destory lock when i destory the doors i go to cage but it says in menu "Win the fight" or something and a 'gang-banger' i must fight not spawn if you think i have a glithy game then i must say i downloaded a patch

P.S i'm in 2nd level and i still not deadly scared it's more GTA then horror game!

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TheToughGuy TheToughGuy 21 July 2013

MANHUNT: An Origin Studio Film

For any Manhunt fans that come on here alot or the first time, I found this video from a group called Origin Studio. They made a fan film based on the first game. Yeah, the lighting is bad and the acting is horrific, but I swear they did it in respect for the game.

Here's the link for it from YouTube:

They are also working on a sequel to the film. However, the sequel isn't based on Manhunt 2.

Here's the link for the trailer:

Hope you enjoy.

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TheToughGuy TheToughGuy 2 January 2013

Hello Fellow Manhunt Wikiers

Hi, I'm TheToughGuy. I have accounts on Bully Wiki, Bully Fanon Wiki and GTA Wiki.

I'm a huge fan of the Manhunt series. It's one of my favorite horror game series of all time. I like Manhunt all because of the realistic horror that Rockstar Games made for the series. I've only played the first game and I've seen a walkthrough for the uncensored PC version of Manhunt 2 out of bordom. I perfer the first game more than the second game. I'm also waiting to hear news about a Manhunt 3 hopefully in development as well as hopefully a Manhunt: 10 Year Anniversary (since Rockstar has been done 10th anniversaries for GTA 3 and Vice City).

I'm also big fans of the Grand Theft Auto series, Bully and the Red Dead series. And my other favorite horror games around are Red Dead R…

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BrooklynGuido42 BrooklynGuido42 12 October 2012

Snuff film

Are there any other games wiht snuff flims like manhunt?

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Rachel chapman Rachel chapman 27 January 2012

manhunt 1 develoment time

how long was it in develoment carcer city was talked about in GTA III and that was in 2001 two years before manhunt was released

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Rachel chapman Rachel chapman 27 January 2012

Cash socipathic

is he a socipath i think not a sociathic is defined as not careing at all yet he is preety pissed when his family is killed


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Sharksrule1 Sharksrule1 11 August 2011


So glad I got the PC version of Manhunt 2 before they stopped selling it. I just couldn't help playing the Wii version without thinking "This could've been super awesome but the ESRB made Rockstar fuck it up." Now I have the PC version, which is 1000x better! :P

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Twilight89 Twilight89 20 July 2009

manhunt 2

Go to, it is all about manhunt 2.

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