The Auto Shop is a auto repair shop located in a rich suburban district in Cottonmouth, Manhunt 2. The shop may be a part of the RSV Gas Station, but this is not confirmed. During the storyline, Danny must get through the shop to the Train Yard to meet up with Leo. The Watchdogs are the only hunters inside and outside the shop. It appears in the level Most Wanted.

Interior[edit | edit source]

Inside, there is a civilian corpse (killed by a Watchdog), two cars (an Admiral and a Greenwood), Gas Cans, a Glass Bottle, a Glass Shard (after breaking a window), a few lockers (with Painkillers inside) and a Gasoline execution.

Exterior[edit | edit source]

Outside, there are several cars (two Admirals and two Kurumas) and barrels for cover.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After killing a few Watchdogs, Leo will spawn in front of the gates to the train yard. Note that the Watchdogs won't attack him. Leo can also be lured inside the shop, but this happens rarely.
  • The civilian murdered by the Watchdogs in Most Wanted appears to be just an "olded" version from the civilian in Ritual Cleansing. This may mean that both are the same person and if it's true this also mean that canonically Leo Kasper, besides his unjust and unmercyful behavior, spared the life of that civilian when stealed his gas can. Howerer, it's impossible to save him from the Watchdogs.
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