Altered State is the 13th scene in Manhunt 2.

Mission Edit

Danny and Leo are just leaving the recording studio only to find large lights on a ranch that was once used to record the show "5 Past High Noon" and is currently used by The Project for broadcasting themselves. Leo explains to Danny about how the broadcasts trigger the Pickman Bridge in the carriers.

Location Edit

TVMK Studio back lot, 5 Past High Noon set
Manhunt2 2011-12-27 01-49-00-81


Hunters Edit

The Bloodhounds

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Trivia Edit

  • The scarecrows with pumpkins on their heads might be a reference to the Scarecrow.
  • In the PS2 and PSP version, this is the only appearance of the Crossbow.
  • This was originally the 17th level.
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